Honey Girl Highlight-Nyemadye Sasha Hughes Blog Enthusiast of "Nyemadye's Lifestyle" and Co-Owner of "Kindred Spirits OKC

Posted by Chelsie Stark on

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Nyemadye Sasha Hughes, who I have affectionately known as “Sasha “since we were in the 2nd grade. Throughout the years, I have always thought the world of Sasha because she has internal and external beauty; she exudes strength, walks in her truth, and is simply a dope SISTA. It was only appropriate, (a phrase often used by Shannon E. Muse), that I chose her to be my first Honey Girl Highlight.   She is a: daughter, sister, wife, mother, social media influencer, health and wellness guru, and plant muva. In addition, she and her husband are changing the narrative around the East Side of OKC (historically and predominately the black side of OKC) by opening a bar and restaurant called “Kindred Spirts.”  Sasha and I talked everything from accessories, to the West African culture, to soul healing, motherhood, and to her personal venture “Nyemadye’s Lifestyle”.

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